Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer MuSings

It's summer vacation season and even though I am on a "permanent vacation," I still seem to slow down in the summer. The idea of writing a cohesive blog entry does not appeal to me, so I will give you some random thoughts then I have been pondering lately.

  • Can a paraplegic be a standup comic? Could they sue for discrimination?
  • There are too many active words in our culture and I feel left out. A person is supposed to "stand up for themselves," or "stand on their own two feet." Then there is that song, "You'll Never Walk Alone." Walk alone? How about walk at all?
  • Why do people insist on talking to me very loudly and slowly? Yes, my legs don't work but my hearing and cognitive ability are just fine.
  • If I asked my doctor about every prescription I see advertised, he wouldn't have time to actually examine me.
  • Why do the frail and elderly always try and help open a door when the perfectly fit people parade around as if they don't even see the person in the wheelchair?
  • Why does a fertilized egg left over from a fertility treatment have more of a right to life than I do? That's basically what opponents of stem cell research are saying.
  • Is it fair that people with MS often have to choose their drug therapy based on what they can afford? Shouldn't every one be able to access the drugs that benefit them the most? Does that make me a crazy liberal for thinking that?
  • Should I feel guilty about wearing disposable, paper underwear? Will the environmentalists insist that I wear cloth diapers?
  • Daycare for children may be expensive, but daycare for adults is often nonexistent.
  • A pessimist is never disappointed.

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