Thursday, January 24, 2008

Botox Beauty

I went for my botox treatment yesterday, but it's not what you think. Every 90 days, I have multiple botox injections strategically placed in the muscles of my right arm to help with an MS symptom known as spasticity. Spasticity is as bad as it sounds, a tight spasm of a muscle or group of muscles that can be extremely painful. Without the botox, I would not be able to extend my arm or perform such mundane tasks as feeding myself. It's amazing what a great difference the drug makes fairly quickly once it's injected. The time period between treatments is not something that my neurologist and I decided; it is what the insurance mandates. Therefore, we need to make sure that I have a high enough dosage to last for that duration without being too much and making the muscles too weak. Also, insurance won't pay for me to have the procedure done on the same day that I have a regular appointment with my neurologist, so I need to go back tomorrow for that activity.

When I go to get my botox treatment, I avoid telling people specifically what I'm doing. Basically, I'm lazy and don't feel like explaining the whole thing. The commercial for botox cosmetic is on television all the time, but not many people are aware of its other uses. Knowing what it does to the muscles in my arm, I would never let them inject that nasty stuff into my face. So, eventually I will have a wrinkled face but a smooth arm. I did find it disturbing when I told somebody that I was getting botox and they said to me, "you don't really look like you need that yet." Gee, thanks for the compliment, I think.

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